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Visit to Islamabad; Khanpur Dam October 21, 2009

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In Islamabad’s vicinity there are number of locations that can help you calm down and give you a moment to appreciate nature. One of the places is Khanpur Dam, a fresh water reservoir. Well whats’ so exciting  about that. “The boat ride” . Seriously, its so much fun.

Boat owner: Only 600 ($10) rupees for one hour boat ride, sir. I will take you there, there there et al.

Me: The last guy was asking for 400 rupees and you 600. why?

Boat owner: “well you know sir his boat is old and makes lot of noise. You don’t want to be disturbed by noise when you are out their enjoying the scenery. Do you?” He continues, “My boat is new, runs on petrol, got nice cushioned seats”,  and so the bragging continues.

To sum up we got a boat at 260 rupees for an hour long trip.

boatsWell one thing is for sure, we did enjoy the sceneray.


Do you know that Khanpur dam was built over a village. People of the village were moved to another location, though. Now, when the water in the Dam goes below the required level, you can see the remains of the village. I got the chance to look at one of the remains of a Masjid on our boat ride.

An Island, so to speak in the middle of the Khanpur Dam

An Island, so to speak in the middle of the Khanpur Dam

This Masjid is partially drowned in the water for half of the year. Regular prayers are not held here as people don’t have an easy access to it.


The goat  posed for us,  I couldn’t deny a her a photo shoot. I knew, I would feel bad about it later.


On your way back you can find shabby  shops or restaurants, where you can get  snacks or deep fried fresh water fish.



Sights of Islamabad-Captial of Pakistan October 10, 2009

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Islamabad and Rawalpindi are twin cities of Pakistan. These two cites are divided by just a road. Things that are legal on one side of the road are illegal on the other side.

The twin cities have two distinct environments. Islamabad being clean, quite and sober (no life after sunset); where as Rawalpindi has all the traffic, pollution and the zing.

When you are in Islamabad you cannot miss seeing Fasial Masjid. Due to its’ distinct architecture, it can be seen from miles away.

Faisal Masjid

Faisal Masjid can accommodate 3,00,000 worshipers in its main hall, alone.

The next best thing is visiting Margalla Hills, which are at the backdrop of Faisal Masjid.

Daman-e-Koah is a Park in Margalla Hills, at an altitude of 2100 feet and one can have an amazing view of Islamabad.  A musician playing Rubab (a traditional musical Instrument) and the sound of the chords swaying with direction of the a cool breeze made each moment a lasting one. Too bad,  the musician was camera shy and didn’t want his picture taken.

Park at the Base

Park at the Base

Pattern at the top

A view that is popular with every ameture photographer

If you are in a muslim country you will always find a dedicated place for muslim worshippers  to pray, be it malls, amuzement parks, hotels you just name it. Daman E Koh is no different


Masjid for Worshippers

You can find refreshments children play area et al. But here is what you wouldn’t find in any other part of the world a Paan seller. Dressed like the people in the era of Mughals. Though it looked funny but  interesting aswell; not forgetting this  guy means business charged us 40% extra for a pan.

Pan Seller

Paan Seller ... the (you name it)

At last the view from the top. Though there are North and south sides but here I will only add one.


A glimpse of Islamabad from the top.

Oh not forgetting, an unwanted guest. This chap didn’t leave until we gave him a snack. Whew

Unwanted guest

An Unwanted guest

Visit to Islamabad, Pakistan October 2, 2009

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To say the least about Pakistan; I would say  it is a color(colour) loving country. I will prove you why.3049
Church in the background, with the art work done by local art college in the foreground
Hair braides. Local girls like to wear them on special occasions like weddings
This used to be JUST A BOAT. Now this ride has been pimped Pakistani style.
This is awork of an artist. Vase completely handmade
This is a work of an artist. Vase completely handmade at dirt cheap price

So what do you think. Am  I right?? Still more to come stay connected.