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Visit to Islamabad; Khanpur Dam October 21, 2009

Posted by kayani in Visit to Pakistan.

In Islamabad’s vicinity there are number of locations that can help you calm down and give you a moment to appreciate nature. One of the places is Khanpur Dam, a fresh water reservoir. Well whats’ so exciting  about that. “The boat ride” . Seriously, its so much fun.

Boat owner: Only 600 ($10) rupees for one hour boat ride, sir. I will take you there, there there et al.

Me: The last guy was asking for 400 rupees and you 600. why?

Boat owner: “well you know sir his boat is old and makes lot of noise. You don’t want to be disturbed by noise when you are out their enjoying the scenery. Do you?” He continues, “My boat is new, runs on petrol, got nice cushioned seats”,  and so the bragging continues.

To sum up we got a boat at 260 rupees for an hour long trip.

boatsWell one thing is for sure, we did enjoy the sceneray.


Do you know that Khanpur dam was built over a village. People of the village were moved to another location, though. Now, when the water in the Dam goes below the required level, you can see the remains of the village. I got the chance to look at one of the remains of a Masjid on our boat ride.

An Island, so to speak in the middle of the Khanpur Dam

An Island, so to speak in the middle of the Khanpur Dam

This Masjid is partially drowned in the water for half of the year. Regular prayers are not held here as people don’t have an easy access to it.


The goat  posed for us,  I couldn’t deny a her a photo shoot. I knew, I would feel bad about it later.


On your way back you can find shabby  shops or restaurants, where you can get  snacks or deep fried fresh water fish.




1. lawstude - October 22, 2009

interesting place. i would certainly have the time of my life exploring the place.

2. Glennis - October 23, 2009

Must be strange looking into the water to see an old drowned village, even the big mosque up to its windows in water, still I guess the water was needed for the greater benifit of the population. Nice pic of the goat and the tiny old shop, I saw similar in the back blocks of India, even ate at some of them and the food was great. And I survived!

3. Nicole - October 28, 2009

What an amazing place!
That drowned village sounds intriguing. Makes for good photo ops, I’m sure.
That goat seems satisfied with the outcome of the modeling 😉

4. Linda - November 5, 2009

That is so funny about the bargaining over the price of the boat. We don’t really bargain in the UK!

5. Laurie - November 6, 2009

I love the goat ! And a very interesting place.

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