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End of Ramadan …. Lesson’s Learnt September 19, 2009

Posted by kayani in Ramadan 2009.

koranAs the temperature in Dubai soars to 50 Degrees Celsius in summer, I had this fear that during Ramadan I will be flipping and turning in my bed due to hunger and thirst. But, now we are at the end of the month of Ramdan and I look back things I have learnt are

No matter how little or how much I stuff myself up,  I am still bound to get hungry by 10 AM. So be patient, things will come to you with their own sweet time.

Human being do bad deeds which are plain unnecessary and one can live without them. But we still do them because most of the bad deeds have become our habits.

Well that’s what I have learnt. If you want to share your thoughts please do so?



1. davecandoit - October 8, 2009

Well said indeed. Just as one can adopt bad habits in his or her life, one also has the power to change those habits into good ones. We all have that power, we just have to decide to employ it.

Have a great day

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