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Ramadan, month of Giving September 15, 2009

Posted by kayani in Ramadan 2009.

Every Muslim has to pay minimum of 2.5% of their savings as a Zakaat(Almsgiving) annually. This charity can be given to the needy people, starting from the closed relatives and friends and neighbors so on and so forth.


During the Ramadan Tents are all over DXB to collect food, clothing et al for the needy.



ahaaa ....... and how can the retailers miss the chance of making money during the "blessed" month



1. Glennis - September 17, 2009

The idea is very good but ofcause it will become commercial just as Christmas has. Sad but that is human nature.

2. Eileen - September 20, 2009

It sounds wonderful, if you can choose the charity you want. Thanks for sharing.

kayani - September 20, 2009

Yes Eileen, if zakat system is implemented in full spirits than there will be no homeless or hungry human being anywhere and history has proved it. Thanks for your comments

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