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The essence of Ramadan September 6, 2009

Posted by kayani in Ramadan 2009.

During the Month of Ramadan, the gates of Heaven are wide open


The presence of Muslims in the Masjid, can be seen way after the prayer times.


..... getting attached to the Holy Qura'an and asking for forgiveness


The nights of Ramadan are filled with the light of guidance.



1. Linda - September 7, 2009

Welcome to Skywatch, kayani! The first shot of the dawn sky through the filigree motifs of stars is very beautiful, and the last shot of the night picks up the dawn to dusk theme of Ramadan. Lovely compositions.

kayani - September 8, 2009

Thanks Linda. I wish I was as good as you have mentioned in your comment. But haye, you have set a benchmark for me. Thanks for the comment. Please keep them coming, I will be adding some more fun stuff from Pakistan. Cheers.

2. Eileen - September 13, 2009

Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing your part of the world with skywatch.

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